We have a long holiday for Qing Ming. We can make a plan. Then we will have a good time at this festival.

    On the first day, I want to visit Suzhou with my parents. Today my parents approve my plan! That’s really great! We are going to visit the old town on Thursday morning. We’ll enjoy the clear river and the beautiful bridges. And then we can have a big lunch in a famous restaurant. I think that’ll be beautiful.

    We are going to the cemeteries on Thursday afternoon. Every Qing Ming Festival we always have lots of unhappiness. We’ll miss our relatives and friends. After that we are going to have an outing at Taihu Park. We will walk around the lake and watch the colorful flowers and green trees. Maybe we can fly kites with our friends. We can have fun.

    I’m going to stay at home and read many books on Friday. I will review my subjects. I’m going to study hard. I must check my homework carefully. In the evening, I’ll help my mother to do housework. At last, I will read English stories. It will be a rich day.

    On the last day, I’m going to go shopping with my mother at the shopping center. We will buy some useful things and some presents for my friends. Then we are going to see a film in the cinema. We will see a comedy. That’s going to be interesting.

    I think my plan is full of fun and joy. What about your plans? Could you tell me?