A holiday full of fun and happy

    My favourite holiday is Halloween.It’s a very popular holiday in Western countries.Allthe children get very excited,because they like it very much.They usually celebrate it with their family and friends.Well,let me tell you something about Halloween.

    The symbols of Hallowen are pumpkin lanterns,masks,ghost and Trick or Treat.We can make a pumpkin and get it and walk slowly in the streets at night.You can see five holes on it.Four holes for its eyes,nose and mouth.One hole for candles.Then,you may dress up in special costumes as a ghost,a devil,a witch and so on.We can go to evening party or play Trick orTreat.The parties are interesting and grand.We can sing and dance together.We can watch a lots of dancing shows.That’s beautiful.And children both like playing Trick or Treat.They wear lovely masks and costumes,kock at their neighbours’ or relatives’ doors.If you don’t give them some sweets and chocolates,they will play d trick on you.That’s so fun!At last all the people have a big dinner.The food is very dalicious.After dinner they will wish each other and say ‘Good night’.

    Now,you must know a lot about Halloween.It’s a really wonderful holiday!It’s a holiday full of fun and happy!It’s always my favourite holiday!