Qing Ming Festival is coming soon. There is a three-day holiday for this festival. So we need a plan for Qing Ming Festival.

    The first day is Qing Ming Festival. It will be sunny. It’s going to be a sunny day. We are going to my relatives’ cemeteries. Their cemeteries are in the QingLongMountains. We’ll take bus to the cemeteries. There are lots of trees. Most trees are turning green there. We’ll put lots of delicious food in front of my relatives’ graves and my father will stick an osier in front of their cemetery because he says it can tell my relatives ‘Spring is coming’. We are going to go home in the afternoon. The second day will be rainy. I want to stay at home, but my mother will go to the supermarket with me in the afternoon. We’ll take umbrellas with us, I think.

    On the last day, I’ll stay at home. I’ll do my homework from eight to twelve. In the afternoon, I’ll have class from two to four twenty. It’s a busy day.

This is my plan for Qing Ming. How about you