There are a lot of important holidays in China. They are Mid ―Autumn Festival, New Year’s Day, May Day and so on. My favourite holiday is Mid―Autumn Festival, because it’s great fun.

    Mid―Autumn Festival is a time for a family to get together. On that day, the moon is very very round and bright. All the family members return home and have a big dinner together. After dinner, people sit down under the night sky, watch the beautiful moon and taste sweet moon cakes. The moon cakes look like the moon. For Chinese people, a full moon means get―together.

    But happiness is more than these, we also play with the lanterns. There are all kinds of lanterns, for example, animal lanterns, flower lanterns, toy lanterns of different shapes and so on. I like them very much.

    This is my favourite holiday. What about yours?



Class 3, Grade 6