My hometown is Wuxi. It’s a very beautiful city. Now I’d like to talk about the four seasons in Wuxi.

    In spring, the weather is sunny and warm. It’s sometimes rainy. The trees turn green and flowers bloom. There’re many butterflies flying in the flowers. The birds sing in the tree. It’s so nice. In spring, I often go rowing in the park with my parents.

    In summer, the weather is hot. The days are long and the nights are short. It’s suitable for swimming. I go to the swimming pool and have water fights. That’s interesting.

    In autumn, the weather is cool. Sometimes it’s windy. The farmers are very busy because fruits and crops are ripe. I like to go to farms in the countryside and pick apples.

    In winter, the weather is so cold. The cold winds start to blow and blow. I like winter best. It sometimes snows. At that time I can make snowmen or have snowball fights.

    These are four seasons in my hometown. How about yours? Can you tell me?


Class 3, Grade 6