I have been in Australia for a few days. It’s summer here and it’s very hot. The view here is so beautiful and natural that I like it very much. The food here is really delicious. I’ve learnt a lot in the school. I have had Math, English, Chinese, music, computer and PE lessons. Our English teacher teaches us a lot about Australian culture. We’ve learnt many new English words about Australian slangs and idioms. I think the Chinese lesson is interesting as well because the Chinese teacher is very humorous. The Australian students are all nice to me. I enjoy the life here very much.—Joy


I came to Australia a few days ago. On a sunny and beautiful morning, I visited Saint Ignatius College. Walking into the school, we could hear melodious bells emanating from the tower. We had a brief understanding of school history and building distribution. I couldn’t help sighing the beautiful scenery of the school, such as green field, tall trees, singing birds and sweet-scented flowers, etc. The Australian school is really wonderful and I appreciate the teachers and students very much. The homestay family was really nice to me and took me to many places, such as beach, shops, friends’ houses. I love them.  —Carl

在一个阳光明媚的早晨,我来到澳洲的Saint Ignatius College。走进校园,悦耳悠长的钟声从高塔传来,我们游览了校园,并对学校历史和分布有了一个大概的了解。我忍不住感叹校园里美丽的风景,像绿茵场、参天大树和鸟语花香。这学校很赞,我很感激学校老师和学生为我们安排的一切。住家家庭对我很关心,经常在放学后带我去各个地方游玩和体验,比如海滩、各种商店、朋友家。我爱他们!—陈天

After a long journey, I came to a mysterious continent. I’ve found a lot of interesting and different things here. English was really hard for me. Mr. Picca encouraged me and gave me some advice on composition. Maths was relatively easy for me. I could understand the questions and I did them quickly. But Australian students did them in another way, and I learned a lot. Ms.Lily is a humorous lady and I like her very much. She showed a video on YouTube to teach us something about the skin cancer and the importance of protecting our skin. A few friends of Sarah's came over and they were interested in Chinese culture. I was really happy to tell them the things they wanted to know. I really enjoy my school life here!  —Kat

历经长途奔波,我来到了一个神秘的国度-澳大利亚。在这我发现了许多有趣而又与众不同的事物。这边的英语课程对我来说很难,Mr. Picca 经常会鼓励我并给我写作方面的建议。数学课程对于我来说相对简单,我能听懂题目并很快解题。澳洲学生有一套自己的解题方式,我从中也获益良多。Ms.Lily 很幽默也很受欢迎,她给我们播放视频,讲了皮肤癌方面的内容以及保护皮肤的重要性。住家的朋友经常会过来玩,她们对中国文化很感兴趣,我也很乐意与她们分享所有她们渴望知道的。我非常喜欢这里的学校生活!—唐铭妍