Spring, summer, autumn, winter… Yes, there are four seasons in Wuxi. I think, the four seasons inWuxiare very nice.

    Spring is the first season in a year. It's very beautiful. There is lots of rain in spring inWuxi. So, if you come toWuxi, please buy an umbrella because it may be rainy now. But people like the rainy days very much. They often go to parks and take lots of pictures of flowers, the lake or bridges. In spring, there are lots of tourists in the parks inWuxi. They all like the warm weather and the good air here. And I often fly a kite in the park.

    In summer, it's usually very hot. We can see the sun in the sky is very big. And there are many insects in summer. During summer, the children usually go to catch insects with their friends. Most people like to go swimming. They feel very happy. I like summer because I have a long holiday.

    Autumn is a very nice season. It's cool and sunny. People like to go to the countryside for a walk. And sometimes it’s windy. So people can fly kites in autumn and pick some fruits.

    Winter is a very cold season. It’s windy and snowy. When the snow stop, children usually make snowmen, have snowball fights and skate or ski. They usually have a good holiday.

    The seasons inWuxiare very nice. I like summer best because I can have a long holiday. Which season inWuxido you like best?