The four seasons in Wuxi are very nice.

    Spring is very short in seasons. It’s often rainy. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s hot. People like to go rowing and flying kites in the park. I like spring very much, because it’s very beautiful. The trees turn green and the flowers start to come out.

    Summer is usually rainy, too. But some people like it very much, because they can go swimming. Some children like it, too. In this season, they can eat some ice-creams. The weather is very hot in summer. So some people like staying at home.

    In autumn the weather is very cool. It’s often sunny and windy. In this season, farmers are very busy but happy. In autumn, people like to go to farms in the countryside and help farmers to pick fruit. That’s great fun!

    Winter is very cold. It’s sometimes snowy. In this season, children are very happy, because they can make snowman and have snowball fights with their friends. Christmas is in winter, people like it very much.

    The four seasons in Wuxi are very beautiful. How about the four seasons in your hometown? Please tell me.


Class 3, Grade 6